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Services Overview

Before any service booking takes place we will carry out a free consultation visit. This visit is carried out in your home so that we can meet your pet/s in a familiar setting; it also gives both parties the opportunity to discuss the service requirements in more detail. You will be given a copy of the full terms and conditions to read through; a booking form; a veterinarian release form and a service agreement. These can be completed and signed, or left for you to consider further. Your pet/s will then be registered for all future services.

For any home boarding service, the pet sitter will carry out the free consultation within their home. This allows client, sitter and dog/s to have a familiarisation session prior to your dog/s stay. By doing this, your dog/s will settle very quickly during their first stay, giving you reassurance and peace of mind.


All dogs must be fully up to date with vaccinations, worming and flea treatments.

All dogs must be micro-chipped (legal requirement 6th April 2016).

Dog Tired require full disclosure regarding your pet’s health condition or behavioural issues (this includes any bitches that may be in season).

For home boarding, we cannot accept dogs under the age of 6 months or any dogs that demonstrate destructive and overly boisterous behaviour.

We regret that Dog Tired cannot accept any dogs with human or animal aggression.

Payment must be made with 14 days of invoice. Payment can be made by BACS transfer, cheque or cash.

Dog Walking

The Code of Practice for the Welfare of Dogs (Animal Welfare Act 2006, Section 9) describes the need to have:

We usually walk dogs in groups of no more than four, taking each dog's temperament into consideration when matching them up into walking groups. If your dog is less sociable, or is nervous around other dogs, they can be walked individually.

All dogs will be walked on the lead, unless written consent is given for off-lead walking. For dogs that may be inconsistent with recall, we have a 15 metre training line so that your dog can have a good run, yet still be secure. Our walks take place in a variety of beautiful local settings with a mix of riverbanks, forests, fields and bridleways and whatever the weather, we will be out walking! (In the event of extreme weather conditions and when it is unsafe to go out walking, we will still visit your dog and spend time playing, giving cuddles, and taking them outside to go to the toilet). After their walk, your dog will have access to fresh water, have its muddy paws wiped and be towel-dried if necessary. We can feed your dog at no extra cost, if you leave it out ready. We can also send you a text message if you wish, to let you know that they are home safe, sound and Dog Tired!

We will collect and drop off your dog/s in our purpose built van. Our priority is to transport your animal with safety and care. Our van is fully air conditioned, ventilated and has four large secure cages. These have non-slip flooring, drainage holes and are hygienically sanitised after each use. We carry fresh water at all times.

Monday to Friday

Dog walk*

30 min

1 hour



Saturday and Sunday

Dog walk*

Normal rate + 50%

Bank Holidays

Dog walk*

Double normal rate

* Each additional dog/s from the same household will be charged at ½ price on the same walk. 10% discount applied for 5 walks per week.

Pet Visits & Feeding

If you are working long hours, going out for the day or going on holiday, the pop-in and feeding service is ideal for all pets. Your pet can be left in stress-free, familiar surroundings and receive one or two daily visits with lots of cuddles from us. If you wish to leave your dog at home, why not also use our dog walking service; you can then enjoy your day out or night away, knowing your dog is safe, sound and Dog Tired!

Each visit lasts approximately 20 minutes.

Included in the visit:

Prices (up to 2 pets)

Monday to Sunday

Per visit

2 Pets


3+ Pets

Bank Holidays

Per visit

Double normal rate

Dog Home Boarding & House Sitting

Some pet owners prefer an alternative to kennels. Home boarding allows your dog to be cared for in a home environment while you are away, giving you piece of mind.

Your dog/s will be looked after in the home of one of our loving pet sitters. Dogs are given two walks a day and have access to large enclosed back gardens for playtime and comfort breaks. Our pet sitters will not leave your dog/s for longer than four hours at a time.

With owners’ permission and after a short familiarisation session, dogs from different households may be boarded together, according to our licence conditions. If your dog is not suitable to be boarded with another dog, they will have exclusivity.

All dogs must be up to date with their vaccinations (no more than 14 months between vaccinations). Proof of vaccination history will be required on the first day of each stay.

All dogs must be up to date with worming and flea treatments.

Kennel cough treatment is advisable.

All dogs must be micro-chipped. Proof of microchip and number will be required on the first day of each stay.

Dog Tired are licenced with Hambleton District Council and City of York Council.

Dog Tired have full public and employer liability insurance.

All pet sitters are CRB checked:
N Burch (13/0008/HS), S Spark (17/00129/HS), A & S Clay (HB021986/14)


(prices are per day, not night)

Monday to Sunday & Bank Holidays

Home Boarding

1st dog

2nd dog

3rd dog




Small Animal Boarding

This service is for caged animals and birds or those in transportable hutches, such as: rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, mice, gerbils and birds.

They will stay either indoors, outdoors or in an outside building, depending on your pet's requirements. We will feed them, change their water daily, clean their living space and give them our care and attention.

Monday to Sunday & Bank Holidays

(prices are per day, not night)

Price per day (per cage)